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Rothe House

Location Kilkenny
Value €600k
Timeframe 20 Weeks
Architect Bluett O’Donoghue Architects
Surveyors McCullagh Lupton Quinn

The Project comprised of a number of elements of work to Rothe House, which was built between 1594 and 1610, and was a Project which required an extremely high level of Conservation Expertise, but was successfully delivered to both Design Team and Clients satisfaction.

The Project can be broken down as follows :

1) Refurbishment work to the Third House, a 3 storey building which consisted of the complete and careful stripping out of the building, installation of an internal platform lift, new timber staircase enveloping the lift shaft (lift shaft and stairs constructed from Irish Oak), new internal Irish Oak partitions & doors, reinstatement of floors using salvaged material where possible (oak beams and oak timber flooring) and associated mechanical and electrical works.

2) The construction of a new kitchen annex, clad in Irish Oak, underneath an external stone garden wall (which is itself of considerable archaeological significance) with a single storey link from the kitchen to the Third house above.

3) The construction of an external steel stairs, clad in Irish Oak, leading to a garden terrace on the roof of the newly constructed kitchen which leads, via an ope in the Stone garden wall, to the Rothe House Gardens at the rear of the development.

4) Refurbishment work to a 2 storey Outscale Annex Building which consisted of the complete and careful stripping out of the building, installation of new Irish Oak Stairs , construction of new Toilets, Staff Canteen, Storage Room, Plant Room and Lobby Area with Irish Limestone Paving.

What further complicated this project was the fact that access to the site was extremely tight with access through a single vehicular Entrance at the back of Rothe House.